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Re: High bit ASCII and FPC

>> 'Tisn't "ASCII", so you'd need to set a console mode that actually
>> matches what you believe is ASCII (8-bit text of *some* sort, but *not*
>> "ASCII"), or use unicode properly to draw the same symbols.  Unicode has
>> drawing glyphs, too.

Ric Moore:
> That's ANSI code tisn't it? <g> What we used in the BBS days.. ah...
> Red Dragon! <swoons> Ric

Strictly speaking, no...  "ANSI" is a bit like IEC, ISO, etc.  For
example, we have ISO-8859-1, which specifies a particular character
encoding maintained by ISO.  The full name ISO-8859-1 has to be used to
refer to something in particular.  The ANSI art that you're familiar
with on a BBS, is *one* of the ANSI specs (there should be extra version
information along with the ANSI name).

>From what I remember of writing for a BBS, ages ago, various ANSI codes
were used for colour and cursor control, but it was one of the PC
fontsets that produced the drawing characters.  They're two different

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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