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OT: vulnerability scanner (TARA)

Hello All,

Does any one use TARA?  The company I work for uses TARA for Linux and SunOS and an internal tool for HP-UX.  I will be starting a Senior capstone class for college soon and was wondering how useful would an update to TARA be to the Open Source community.  I invision it as a client-server application where either the client or server can initiate a scan and the results go into a database (MySQL or PostgreSQL).  From the DB risk acceptance filters can be applied and reports (Web & email) can be generated.  The web interface could generate reports for each site or support region.  This could be used by managment to see how security compliant a given region is. 

The DB could also have tables in it to support determining how patch compliant systems are.  I would like the DB flexable enough to support other security concerns in the furture.

I would like to hear your thoughts on how useful this would be before I spend a lot of time working on it.  Of cource it also comes down to if the professor will accept it as a project.

Jamie Bohr
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