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Re: Red Hat Users Invited To Test RHEL 5

Ric Moore wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 22:26 -0400, Jim Cornette wrote:
>> So I guess I'll make do with Fedora and hope the software and
>> preferences that I like are still an interest to include within RHEL. not
>> for the sake of RHEL, but as a Fedora user. Quite a few of my favorite
>> applications migrated from Fedora Core into Fedora-Extras, sor RHEL
>> probably would be too slimmed down for my usage at home.
> One of the swell benefits of being a Beta Tester for RHEL is that when
> it's over, the participants get some swag and a new boxed edition of the
> Release.

Funny, I've never gotten that.

> I've gotten several. So, for those on this list that really
> need a production server but don't have the scratch for it, this is a
> golden opportunity.

Yea, because it's not like the sources for RHEL are provided and other
projects have sprung up creating distributions from those sources... oh,

> I find for the Defense, that RH can post such opportunities to us here
> in the cheap seats

That's the point, no one at RH did.  They understand that RHEL is off
topic here.

> and that anyone in need of such shouldn't be cringing in
> the corner, afraid to even ask questions concerning RHEL,

One shouldn't be afraid to ask questions concerning RHEL... in the RHEL

William Hooper

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