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Re: compiz on fc5

Frank Pineau wrote:
On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 18:27 -0500, Marc Schwartz wrote:

Be sure to remove ALL of the installed RPMS that you got from the tuxfamily site and that TwinView is working properly with X/Metacity, before proceeding with the instructions here:

Didn't seem to help.  Twinview actually works fine with or without XGL.
The problem is with XGL, the desktop spans both monitors, giving me
2048x768, which is unacceptable.  Without, I have two separate, well,
"desktop sections", I guess you could say.  Clock and toolbars all on
the left, and the right is just extra space.

Yes, the behavior of TwinView in this setting is different than with regular X/Metacity.

My current TwinView screen is 3200x1200 (two 1600x1200 LCDs) and I do get the same thing you see, which is now in a sense a "true" 3200x1200 virtual display. For example. maximized windows will span both LCDs, not just one. My top panel, when expanded, goes across both LCDs not, just the primary display.

Certain windows now pop up right in the middle, spanning both displays, where under regular X/Metacity, they would come up on the active display (left or right) depending upon the relevant application.

There is a lot of customization relative to window placement with Compiz using the CSM application and the plugins, so I may spend some time seeing if this can be tweaked predictably.

I am unsure if this is the expected behavior under XGL/Compiz, if this will change with a new (fixed) version of XGL when TwinView functionality is restored and/or whether this behavior will be similar with AIGLX/Compiz.

If this is more Compiz than XGL (ie. the window manager rather than the X server), then I would expect the same new behavior with AIGLX in FC6.

Time will tell.

The howto said to remove everything from tuxfamily but
xorg-x11-server-Xgl and glitz, but that pretty much just leaves
compiz(-quinn) and the utilities being installed from illawarra.

Right. As I noted, the current version of xorg-x11-server-Xgl breaks TwinView, hence we need to use the version from June. There are dependencies with glitz, hence they need to be replaced together.

OTOH, FC6 with AIGLX is only a month away....

Right, except we need to wait for nVidia to release a new driver version with TFP support, which will be required to properly run AIGLX. The current thinking by outsiders is that this will happen when nVidia releases a 9XXX series driver. The time frame is unknown and could be around the time that FC6 is released but there is no guarantee of course that this will happen. It would seem that the 9XXX series drivers will have other functionality as well and it may be that the other additions could delay the release.

You may be interested in this recent thread over on the nvnews forums:



Marc Schwartz

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