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Re: firefox crashes with acroread plugin

Klaus Steinberger writes:

: this bug is hitting me since at least firefox Version (i think
: introduced the bug). Also the new Version has this bug.
: Every time the acroread Plugin is called firefox crashes. Also there
: is an additional bug (or probably the same bug in another look and
: feel). The SUN Java Plugin starts, but does just nothing. Could be
: easily reproduced by surfing onto the SUN Java Testpage
: (http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml)

Regarding the Sun Java Plugin, I installed it just yesterday
on my up-to-date FC5 system running Mozilla-1.7.13.

When I go to the Testpage above, it says the plugin is installed but
"the dancing Duke logo" doesn't render at all.  I see just a white area.
So I'm not sure this problem is related to your acroread problem.

Regarding acroread, I had a problem getting acroread to run in mozilla.
It turned out to be due to a conflict (that I still don't understand)
between mozplugger and the nppdf.so plugin library from Adobe.

Do you have mozplugger installed?

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