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Re: ps to pdf and then to text editor

On 9/15/06, Jack Byers <byersj hotmail com> wrote:
> > > I print to a file, file.ps, a web-page with text. Then, I apply ps2pdf
> > > > and I get file.pdf. However, I cannot copy (from file.pdf) the text
> > > > a text editor. Can one get a pdf file with copyable text?

> > Thanks, Jacques, but what I really want is to be able of producing a
> > pdf file (from a web-page) with the possibility of copying text to a
> > text editor. Hopefully, Fedora Core will soon make available for users
> > the version 8.54 of Ghostscript, which does not display the reported
> > problem.

xpdf   has facility to  select and copy  an arbitray rectangular region from
any page
of any (i think) pdf file, however created.
This feature is very handy for copying out selected text regions from
multi-column  pdf pages

yum install xpdf

Thanks, Jack. However, the problem is that when I paste what I copied
from the pdf file (created as I described before), I get a sequence of
rubbish, i.e., the ancient version of ghostscript offered by FC5
produces a not fine PS file. The reported problem does not occur with
the most recent version of ghostscript.


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