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Re: Mounting a SimpleShare drive from a second FC5 machine.

We probably need a little more info.  What does the mount command by itself tell you on both machines?  Looking at disk space, mount points, etc.  On your problem machine, copy the /etc/fstab to something like /etc/fstab.bak.  Then try it with the exact same /etc/fstab on both boxes and see if that works. 

Speaking of which, I have seen sometimes the smallest spacing error cause problems with the parsing of certain config files.  I have been known to do this exact thing on production machines with identical hardware when troubleshooting stuff like this. 


On 9/15/06, Robert Cahn <robertscahn gmail com> wrote:
I have a SimpleShare 250 GB drive that I use to backup my main machine.  I issue the command

 mount -t nfs /mnt/BU

and it mounts without problem.  On my other FC5 machine when I issue the command I get

mount: failed, reason given by server: Permission denied

I'm baffled why this works on the one but not the other.  Both accounts use the same UID,PW pair. 

Bob Cahn
Gipsy Trail Club
Carmel, NY

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