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Re: adding text to JPEGs, in bulk

On Sat, 2006-09-16 at 09:42 +0530, Fran├žois Patte wrote:
> All these answers about adding comment text to jpeg are interresting
> but the result is "binary". I have been seeking for a while (and did
> not find an answer) on how to annotate an image with a "grep readable"
> annotation. If I use Gimp or ImageMagick, to write the comment "foo"
> in an image, grep foo image.jpg returns "binary file image.jpg
> matches".

Actually, this was the first sort of thing I did find in a Google search
(keywords:  adding text to jpegs).  I'm not looking at those results
now, but I think it was done by putting data into EXIF (or similar) data
fields in the JPEGs.  For my own purposes (album cataloguing that didn't
depend on using particular software in the future), it's a neat idea,
but I've not followed up on it so far.  

The other ones about modifying the images are what I want to do at the
moment.  I had a brief play with "composite" from ImageMagick last
night, which was slow, and I hadn't yet figured out how to do a batch of
files (I'll work through that over the weekend).  

It occurred to me that I'd like to add text rather than merge two images
together, so I could write "PROOF" as well as the image number (from the
file) onto the picture.  That gives people an easy way to say they
wanted a copy of picture number 256.

I think I can work out how to handle a batch of files to add consistent
text, now.  But I haven't worked out how I could extract "256" from a
filename like "img_0256.jpg", yet.  The filenames are all the same
length, so there's got to be some tool that'll let me strip characters
7, 8 & 9 out of the name.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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