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Re: adding text to JPEGs, in bulk

On Sat, 16 Sep 2006, François Patte wrote:

> All these answers about adding comment text to jpeg are interresting but
> the result is "binary". I have been seeking for a while (and did not
> find an answer) on how to annotate an image with a "grep readable"
> annotation. If I use Gimp or ImageMagick, to write the comment "foo" in
> an image, grep foo image.jpg returns "binary file image.jpg matches".
> Is there a way to add a comment in ascii characters in an image? And to
> be able to use grep to find the images with a particular string in it?
> To be more clear: I am working with image of manuscripts and I want to
> able to add a commentary to each image like "in this image the subjet is
> ..." Then I could use grep to find out what are the images which contain
> a particular subject.
> There is some tool like this with gThumb, but the commentaries are in
> separates files, written in xml (cannot use grep!) and this is quite
> tricky to maintain a synchronisation between several computers (using
> rsync for instance).

See 'wrjpgcom' and 'rdjpgcom' for embedding text inside the JPEG file.

The defect with using them is the moment someone runs it through another 
graphic processing program and resaves it the text will probably be 

But there really isn't a better answer for what you are asking.

Benjamin Franz

"It is moronic to predict without first establishing an error rate
 for a prediction and keeping track of one’s past record of accuracy."
                    -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Fooled By Randomness

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