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help me! Adaptec 2410SA failed on FC3

We have a FC3, the guy who built it left the company. Last week, we started to heard of endless beep from the server. After power it down to check what's wrong, it is no longer bootable. There are 4 drives, 2 drives mirrored each other, 2 arrays totally. The array with system report rebuilding, the array with data has disappeared. As soon as the 2410SA card try to initialize the array, it end with endless beep, then no longer be able to find any drive to boot.

We unpluged the drive from 2410SA, connected them to the mother board directly, the drive is there, but there is no partition any more! Even we boot with FC3 rescue CD, there is no partition in it. Since it is mirrored RAID 1, we are expecting to see some data in it even with 1 drive.

Is it due to we do not load the driver for 2410SA? where to find them? The big trouble is: how to get the data back from those drive? Now, it seems all blank.

The data is important to me.

Please help! Thanks!

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