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Slightly OT Language Translation in Linux?

Is there a language translation package available for Linux?

I know Fedora can be installed with different language packs.  
That does not help me because I only know how to write in English 
(sometimes! <G>).

What I am after is an application that can take text from one 
language and translate it as accurate as possible to another 

I have found a number of web sites that will do this.  They either 
limit you in size or times used and/or they want you to buy their 
software that runs on MS Windows. Some sites translate the text 
the same way, some sites translate it different.  I am only going 
between English and Spanish right now.  If only I had bothered to 
learn Spanish when I had the opportunity constantly put in front 
of me in school. :(

I want to be able to translate between English, Spanish, French, 
German and Italian.

Jack Gates http://www.jlgates.com

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