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Re: problems in installing realtek 8139 network card

Per-Anton Rønning wrote:
> Hi,
> I have 2 network cards in my FC5 computer, eth0 connects to cable
> bradband internet and works just fine,
> but eth1 seems to be impossible to get up nd running.
> There are 2 driver modules for this card on the system, i.e. 8139cp and
> 8139too, and I have tried both, (not simoultaniously of course) by
> aliasing eth1 to one or the other in /etc/modprobe.conf.
> In trying to activate it (running neat) I get this message:
> "8139cp device eth1 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization."
> In the hardware list in "NEW" (in  neat)I find (and have used)
> RealTek RTL8129 Fast Ethernet
> Perhaps this is the problem - the hardware spec is too old while the
> driver spec is correct ..? (the "guide" on the accompanying floppy
> specifies 8139)
> Anyone in the loop on this one?
> Regards
> PA
Dumb question - did you run depmod or reboot after making the change
in modprobe.conf? (depmod is run by a startup script.) You will find
that changes in modprobe.conf will usualy not take affect until
depmod is run.

You can also manually load the modules with modprobe, and run
"ifconfig -a" to see if it shows up.


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