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Re: Where are smbmounts mounted?

On Sat, 2006-09-16 at 08:34 -0500, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> But that leaves a mystery. The man page of mount indicates the
> existence of a mount.smbfs (which does not seem to exist). Then there
> is smbmount which I thought used to exist but I can't find it in the
> distribution.

Perhaps Samba is installed through more than one RPM, and you've not got
it all?  I don't have FC5 here to look at, on FC4 it's a part of the
Samba package.

> The implication is that you can mount a file share. Can you? And if
> you can , how do you do it?

You can.  You can do so through the command line (as Craig suggested),
or with the fstab file.

e.g. //windoze/MANUAL  /mnt/windoze/manual  smbfs  auto,uid=tim,gid=tim,noexec,nodev

That's a line in my fstab file that mounts a folder shared from a FAT32
drive, on Windows 98 (hence a reason for mounting as a specific user, as
the remote resource doesn't have any sort of ownership details).
Passwords can also be supplied, though they're generally best obtained
from another file, one that's not readable by all and sundry on the

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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