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Re: Webmin in extras

Correct me if I'm wrong. I run Webmin on all my Linux machines, including all
the Fedora boxes. I just install the noarch version from their website. But,
there's webmin, and then, there's all the modules. To maintain a version for
Fedora Extras, it would require not only keeping up with the main program,
but keeping all the modules current with current versions of the things those
modules are meant to control - not an insignificant undertaking. I remember
there was an issue once with incompatibility between the Apache module and
the version of Apache being delivered with Fedora, that caused some problems.

Yeah, I made it through about step 2 of 8 to get it added - looks like
the package itself is going to take some work, and I haven't even
looked at the modules yet.

I find webmin pretty damn handy  - esp on headless machines.  Don't
know if I like it enough to become a maintainer, though....


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