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Re: interfaces eth...

On 9/16/06, Cristiano Soares <stillnick globo com> wrote:

Hi all. Im having some problems with my FC5 server. Here is whats happening…

I have multipath route using eth0 and eth1. eth2 is my dhcpd server
connected direct to my clients. Everything look fine, two external links are
ok, and clients getting IPs from my internal dhcpd server. The thing is that
when I turn off the server, disconnect cables and power, and move it to the
right place the server changes the order of the eths itself. I can't
understand why. I don't want it to charge the eths because I have the
correct cable plug in to the right places. Can I change or prevent it from
happening? Thanks in advance.

Cristiano Soares
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Hi Cristiano Soares!

This is a guess.  Look into hal. Write a rule or two.

Good Hunting!


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