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Re: Where are smbmounts mounted?

>> e.g. //windoze/MANUAL  /mnt/windoze/manual  smbfs  auto,uid=tim,gid=tim,noexec,nodev
>> That's a line in my fstab file that mounts a folder shared from a FAT32
>> drive, on Windows 98

Aaron Konstam:
> I don't understand the fstab line above. Is windoz the name of the
> server and MANUAL the share. Where is the Windows domain name and the
> passwd?

If you were familiar with Windows SMB, you should recognise a machine
name is preceded by a double slash, followed by a filepath for a shared
resource.  It's a standard scheme, it even has a name, "UNC".
See:  <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Naming_Convention>

The man file for the mount, smbmount, and fstab gives the syntax for how
you provide this sort of information.  

This was with Win98SE, so there's no domain name.  I don't even see an
option for including one in the man file, just an optional workgroup
name.  You are providing the machine name that it's going to connect to,
you're not browsing for it.

That fileshare didn't need a password, so there wasn't one.  You could
provide one in at least three different ways:

     1. Put a pass=thepassword option in.
     2. Put a credentials=/path/to/credentials option in, where that
        file contains the logon details.
     3. If the "noauto" option was used, you could type in the password
        as you manually mounted the share.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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