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Re: hostname doesn't stick

On Sunday 17 September 2006 05:27, Tim wrote:
> Tim:
> >>  localhost.localdomain  localhost
> >>
> >> For some reason, Fedora likes to put the machine name into the
> >> line, sometimes, despite all the problems that it can cause.
> jdow:
> > Did you do something silly like modify /etc/sysconfig/network? What
> > does it currently say? It should say:
> > HOSTNAME=localhost.localdomain
> >
> > If not you did something to modify it and you have localhost being
> > renamed. Otherwise you may have nasty little spirits camping out
> > digitally on your machine.
> Nup, nothing like that.  I've seen quite a few machines that have the
> machine name inserted there, by the routines that configure the network
> settings for you on a freshly installed machine.
I've done three FC4 installs and a rawhide install, and the first line 
included the box's hostname every time.

> Usually, the first time around, your machine is localhost.localdomain,
> but sometimes if you've entered a hostname, even if you have a NIC, the
> hostname is inserted into the local loopback address details.  Usually,
> *before* the localhost.localdomain details (of all the worst places to
> do so).
IIRC it was always added at the alias end of the line.  In theory I guess it 
shouldn't be too much of a problem, but although I can't remember the details 
it was a network problem that led me to find it in the first place.  That's 
why I split the line to give a full line for the host address, and I've 
checked for it first thing ever since that first time.


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