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Re: [Fwd: Fwd: Getting older]

On Sunday 17 September 2006 20:44, oldman wrote:
> Hmm...  I have never even so much as opened Helix (maybe that's why I
> don't have the problem?)

Neither have I.

> do you have mplayer and mplayerplug-in 
> installed?  

I have mplayer installed, but 'yum search mplayer' doesn't give me anything 
like mplayerplug-in (this is FC4).

> Have you tried removing the Helix player?

Eventually realised that it's called HelixPlayer, and yes, it can be removed - 
Ric, are you listening?

> You're on KDE  
> aren't you?  It's been ages since I looked, but I recall a very good
> mime-type editor in KDE, does that still exist?
It does, but the embedded tab didn't allow me to do anything helpful.  I still 
don't know why the problem occurred.  HelixPlayer was not listed to be used 
at all, but it seems to grab things.  Anyway, removing HelixPlayer hasn't 
helped the original problem.  From the url that Scott gave I can play it with 
'Music Player' whatever that may be, but I still can't play it from the url 
that Ric originally gave us.


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