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Re: very low input on micro

From: "François Patte" <francois patte math-info univ-paris5 fr>

Claude Jones a écrit :
On Sunday September 17 2006 6:19 am, François Patte wrote:

I have an ASUS P5WD2 Premium mobo and it seems that the sound card is a
realtek ALC882.

I have a very low input for the microphone (alsamixer mic=100%) and I do
not what is to be done in that case.

Can someone give me some clue?

Bonjour to you: You haven't given enough information. Maybe this will help
you. On my system, which is running KDE, I can open KMix and go to
the "Switches" tab, and there is a switch to boost the mic input +20db. It
seems to get turned off by updates periodically and makes my Skype unusable
till I figure it out.

I'm not using KDE but there is the same system with gnome, and this
appears also when you run alsamixer from the command line, *but* in the
case of this specific sound card (which comes with the mobo) I cannot
see this "boost" switch and I am wondering if some driver is not missing
for this card.

Are there separate microphone and 'line' input jacks? You might be
plugged into a line level input which would make it rather weak.
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