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Re: system clock going backward

Ali Sobhi wrote:
I'm facing a strange situation on my systems running FC5 and my research has resulted in some information which I'm not about. I've to mention that this problem showed up with FC5 and was not there when FC4 was running.

The system clock is misbehaving and sometimes goes backward. No ntpd running (read on)
where should I go from here?
should I disable "acpid"?
should I use "pmtmr_good" boot parameter?
should I disable power management functions of the BIOS? (this is desktop model)
which log file to look at to figure out what is going on?

I picked up a surplus IBM Net Vista 8308 last week (ICH4/82801DB chipset), and lo and behold, I saw the same clock weirdness you reported. There's a smattering of similar reports on the web spread across all distros. The best description of the issue is in the source code itself. Take a look at the file arch/i386/kernel/timers/timer_pm.c.

It seems to keep time okay if I boot with noapic, but I'm trying a different option at the moment: clock=tsc. I'll let you know if it works out.


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