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Re: QuickCam Express and FC5?

On 29/08/06, Darryl Seamans <seamansd ctech smccme edu> wrote:
        I just purchased a Logitech QuickCam Express camera and while it
works under Windows I can't get it recognized under FC5. When I run camE
it tells me /dev/video0: no such device, even though it exists and has
81,0 as major, minor device number. I tried downloading and modprobing
quickcam drivers, spca5xx drivers and pwc drivers and they load but to no
avail. camstream doesn't know the device and won't give me any video. I am
running core 5, 512MB ram, 80GB HD with USB 2.0. Toshiba Satellite PC.
Anyone else gotten the QuickCam Express working under FC5? Thanks in

Darryl Seamans
Southern Maine Community College
Computer technology Dept.
So Portland, ME 04106

Darryl, did you ever get the cam working? I am considering which cam
to buy and the Logitech models are high on my list.

Dotan Cohen

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