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Re: yum seems to have crashed my X11 session

Joel Rees wrote:
> I've been running yum logged in graphically and using copy/paste to save the 
> results. I know, the prefered way is to tee yum in a console window, but I'm 
> lazy.
> So I left it running just now, and when I came back and tried to bring
> it back from the screen saver, the screen just remained blank.


> Checked yum and xorg logs but don't see anything that looks like a
> complaint in there. yum.log does show that the screen saver got
> updated about 10 packages before the end and screensaver's extras got
> updated about three from the end of the log.

You know, this just might be related. Your computer started running one
version of a screensaver, the stuff on disk got updated, the screensaver
wanted something from disk, and found that it wasn't where it was
expected. And the screensaver crashed.

I had something similar last week when updating Firefox: I had a window
open at the time, and tried logging into my ADSL router. It Just
Wouldn't Work until I restarted Firefox.

I'm not sure what can be done about this, especially for the
screensaver. You can't have the RPM update killing the current
screensaver, since that's a security problem (if there's a password on
the screensaver)[1].

Out of interest, what results do you want to save? Does /var/log/yum.log
not contain enough?

Hope this helps,


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