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Re: LAN connection FC5 - RH7.2

Paul Howarth wrote:

You may have overlooked opening the FTP port on your FC5 box's firewall.
Or you might even have neglected to set up and/or start the FTP server.

At installation time I did not enable the firewall, but I have done that now, and I have checked the FTP box. On RH7.2 I'm running pure-ftpd, and "ps ax | grep gftp" shows "gftp-gtk", whici I suppose is the FTP server in FC5. I guess both must be running, otherwise I could not reach the RH7.2 from the FC5 either. Connecting to RH7.2 from FC5 works fine. But still, connection from RH7.2 to FC5 is refused. Do you mean that I have to set an FTP portnumber too in the forewall? I found no way of doing that, there was just a checkbox to be marked. BTW, Gnome was the only way i could access the firewall config tool , I have been searcing in vain to find
its counterpart in KDE.  Any hints? I really prefer to work with KDE.


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