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Re: Monitoring and Management of servers

On 9/17/06, Frank Pikelner <frank pikelner gmail com> wrote:
We've been working hard on adding features to our hosted infrastructure monitoring and management system. To give back to the open source community we now provide a completely free hosted version that includes the following features:

- asset management
- passive monitoring
- software inventory
- network configuration settings, including speed/duplex
- performance monitoring
- alerts and notifications
- daemon/service control
- server state control (reboot, shutdown, logoff)
- historical changes (software, hardware, accounts)
- calendaring of events
- schedule tracking (cron)
- dashboards
- reporting (csv, pdf)
- dynamic DNS
- all communications authenticated and encrypted with digital certificates

For those that may be interested, please send me an email and I will provide further details.

Best regards,


Nice to know people are willing to give back some to the community.  What are the charges for the hosting or it is completely free ?
Can you give me some  more details like what kind of databases (mysql,postresql),distro, web servers(apache,tomcat), languages (php, perl, java )you people are supporting ?
Thanks & Regards
Ankush Grover


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