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Experimental 2.6.18rc FC5 kernels.

To get some extra testing for the upcoming 2.6.18 release,
I've made some kernels based on 2.6.18rc7git2
You can find them at http://people.redhat.com/davej/kernels/Fedora/FC5/

Please file bugs in bugzilla against FC5, even though these
kernels are somewhat similar to whats in rawhide right now.

Known 'problems':

- For the time being, there aren't any Xen kernels, this will
  be fixed up when time comes for a real update.
- They currently have a bunch of extra debugging options turned
  on so may 'feel' a little slower than the current FC5 kernels.
  This too, will be fixed.
- They'll output a lot more text to the console during boot
  than FC5. Like rawhide, the 'quiet' option has been disabled
  in order to ease debugging. (It's a lot easier to ask someone
  what the last thing on the screen is than to walk people through
  removing the quiet option a hundred times)

These caveats aside, it seems to have survived my tests for the last
day, so it's time for some wider testing.



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