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Re: Textpad replacement in Linux

I have tried bluefish and found it to be good for some web editing stuff but not overall good for my needs.  I use gedit a lot for simple stuff.  I recently heard someone speak highly of vim outliner.  Apparently it is something that plugs into vim and/or runs on top of it.  From what I understand, if you learn it well, you can eventually use it to do lots of fast editing/writing/programming, etc.  There is a learning curve with it, however.  I am actually looking for something like that but more multiplatform.  I want to be able to move from linux to windoze and work without slowing down (much).  At least with regards to the application, not the os...


On 9/18/06, Deepak Shrestha <d88pak gmail com> wrote:
> As always, there is lots of choice in linux, though usually you have to make
> choices about features, too.  The really good thing about Textpad is that it
> had so many useful features, yet it was simple to learn.  I guess the UI was
> just very well designed.
> I suspect Uno will have to look again at his list of requirements and put them
> in order of importance.  If he does that it may be possible to debate the
> pros and cons of each editor against the list.

have you tried bluefish???

Hope its good enough for you.

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