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Re: Logitech LX7 Cordless mouse sensitivity issue

On 9/18/06, Phil Meyer <pmeyer themeyerfarm com> wrote:
A user is experiencing really bad sensitivity issues with a Logitech LX7
cordless mouse.  Its all over the place.

I have done some research into the matter, but it seems that others are
using this mouse on Linux based systems without the sensitivity issues
we are experiencing.  Most of the articles surrounding the use of this
mouse on Linux pertain to activating buttons and scroll right/left

Should I suspect a bad mouse, or bad research?

stumped :(

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Hi Phil Meyer!

When I hear about "sensitivity" issues when Radio Frequencies are
involved I think of such things as how far the mouse is from the back
of the computer where the USB receiver is plugged in (is the path
"line of site"?). is there another wireless appliance very nearby?
Microwave nearby (sometimes they "leak").  All kinds of things can
affect the RF path to the device.  If the device looses connection the
process of "re-syncing" may not go well.

I note that it is optical.  Sometimes the surface being used by the
mouse will mix it up (but I have not seen this one recently).

Then there is how it is considered by your system.  Check out:


Good Hunting!


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