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Re: Textpad replacement in Linux

Yes I am well familiar with  vi(m) and I use it all the time.  That remark was in reference to vim OUTLINER, which I am still playing with.   
Have you used the outliner app?  If so, how hard was it to get up to speed with? 


On 9/18/06, Peter Gordon <peter thecodergeek com> wrote:
Marc wrote:
> [...]
> fast editing/writing/programming, etc.  There is a learning curve with it,
> however.  I am actually looking for something like that but more
> multiplatform.  I want to be able to move from linux to windoze and work
> without slowing down (much).  At least with regards to the application, not
> the os...

Perhaps the learning curve would be worth it in your case, as Vim runs on a huge
variety of operating systems, from Windows and *nix to more obscure ones such as
Amiga and OS/2.
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