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RES: interfaces eth...

Hi Paul. Thanks for uy reply. I do have the latest initscripts package. I
actually have all the packages updated. Wait uy reply. Thanks a lot

Cristiano Soares

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Cristiano Soares wrote:
> Hi all. Im having some problems with my FC5 server. Here is whats
> I have multipath route using eth0 and eth1. eth2 is my dhcpd server
> connected direct to my clients. Everything look fine, two external links
> ok, and clients getting IPs from my internal dhcpd server. The thing is
> when I turn off the server, disconnect cables and power, and move it to
> right place the server changes the order of the eths itself. I can't
> understand why. I don't want it to charge the eths because I have the
> correct cable plug in to the right places. Can I change or prevent it from
> happening? Thanks in advance.

Do you have the latest initscripts package?


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