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Re: Tvtime & Hauppauge Win TV Express problems

On Monday 18 September 2006 21:42, nigel henry wrote:
> I think I've broken Tvtime twice. On FC2, and then on Kubuntu.
> The TV tuner card is Hauppauge Win TV Express, and has a Conexant Fusion
> 878a chip.
> Tvtime is from Dag's repo, and is version-1.0.2-1.1.fc2.rf
> I put the card in the machine, an Aiii-Friend 1.3GHZ (Celeron) , with 1GB
> RAM. Installed Tvtime from Dag's repo onto FC2.
> All I got when running Tvtime was a blue screen, showing a "no signal",
> channel numbers, and that it was set for "Television".  Channel scanning
> produced nothing, even with messing with the menu, changing between PAL,
> and SECAM, and changing the frequencies between France, and Europe.
> I now booted up Kubuntu, on the same machine, and installed Tvtime. Same
> situation.
Have you tried xawtv?  I don't have a tv card, but needed a tv app to work 
with video capture.  At first I had the same symptoms as you describe, until 
someone told me that the configuration file may not have been written to 
my /home directory.  Every change I tried to make from the menus was dropped, 
nothing changed.  As advised, I created a .xawtv file in my home directory 
with the following contents:

ratio = 4:3
freqtab = europe-west
pixsize = 80 x 24
pixcols = 8
jpeg-quality = 75
keypad-ntsc = off
keypad-partial = off
osd = yes
osd-position = 30 , 20
use-wm-fullscreen = no

input = S-Video
norm = pal
capture = over

If you can't get tvtime working you might try this.


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