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Re: Logfile worries

On Monday 18 September 2006 23:24, Robin Laing wrote:
> I know that this may seem obvious but are they using IE with Active-X
> enabled?
> There is a an unpatched hole that is being exploited.
> http://www.theregister.com/2006/09/18/ie_flaw_warnings_grow/
No.  For years she has used Mozilla.  While removing IE is problematic, 
removing all links to it is easy, and I have being doing that when setting up 
home boxes for years.

> You only mention anti-virus.  What about adware/spyware scans?
I'll check that out.

> What about a scan with a different anti-virus software package?
> All it takes is one visit to one site that has a bad link.  It has
> happened that a good site will have a bad advertising link that will
> infect the machine making it a bad site.
True.  I'll be very surprised if this is the case, though.  She is away now 
for a week, but I'll check out spyware etc. when she comes back.

> I have had to use an XP machine that was supposed to be up to date and
> the number of spyware/adware applications took me by surprise.  My first
> day was just cleaning the computer.
I have great faith in Kaspersky as an AV product, providing the updates are 
kept very regular.  All my family use it, and it has always proved efficient.

> Good luck.  As Microsoft's has suggested, re-installing is sometimes the
> only sure fix.
I'm convinced that the problem is related to the network folder showing old 
links and not retaining the result of a new scan.  (I'm not saying that it is 
the cause, just that it is part of the same problem.)  When I have access to 
the laptop again perhaps I should explore where those links are kept.  I 
presume they are somewhere in her user profile.  Maybe if I deleted them I 
could get it to accept the new ones.

Thanks for your thoughts.  I'll follow them up as soon as I can.


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