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Re: Experimental 2.6.18rc FC5 kernels.

On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 12:27 -0400, Dave Jones wrote:
> To get some extra testing for the upcoming 2.6.18 release,
> I've made some kernels based on 2.6.18rc7git2
> You can find them at http://people.redhat.com/davej/kernels/Fedora/FC5/

I have performed some basic testing of the X86_64 kernel on my
Compaq V2000 notebook (Turion processor with ATI Radeon XPRESS 200M PCIE
graphics controller).  
I normally use the closed source ATI fglrx driver with kernel module for
not so horrendously slow graphics.  With this kernel I could not combine
the RC patches with the installed source to the extent that the fglrx
module was happy to compile.  I therefore tested without the module.

I tested the apps I normally use, mythtv, browsing, e-mail etc.
Everything (except accelerated glx graphics, as expected) worked,
including pm-suspend.  This is noteworthy since the resume portion of
suspend has failed on all 2.6.17 FC kernels.  (It did work on 2.6.16
kernels, and does work again with a stock kernel, so I
expected that it will also work with the next FC kernel.)  
The failure to resume is not related to the fglrx module - recent FC
kernels also fail to resume without it.


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