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Re: RES: glib2 missing

linuxmaillists charter net wrote (about glib2):
> The one thing I forgot to do was to see if it is already
> installed and it is but when I try to install any one of more
> than a dozen apps they all complain that glib2 is missing and
> won't install.

How were you installing them -- through RPM, binary tarballs, or from
source? As if you installed from source, you'd probably need the
glib2-devel package installed. -devel packages include the headers
necessary to compile other programs against the main package -- they're
not normally installed unless you select the appropriate development
groups on install.

> Group        : System Environment/Libraries
> Source       : glib2-2.12.3-2.fc6.src.rpm
> Build Time   : Wed Aug 30 09:34:15 2006
> Install Time : Sun Sep  3 23:49:38 2006
> License      : LGPL
> Why would yum install a file for fc6 on fc5 ?

It wouldn't. Not unless you'd enabled the development repo on Sunday 3
September and upgraded. If you have, then potentially most of your
install is at a slightly-before-FC6-test-3 state...

If you really want a reliable system, then your only real option is to
reinstall FC5 -- downgrading is basically untested. Otherwise, you could
stay where you are, upgrade to FC6-test-3, or re-enable the development
repo and follow that. Two warnings -- packages in the development
repositories are more likely to be buggy, and there are a lot more
updates to development (= yum uses a *lot* more bandwidth).

When the FC6 release comes, you could reconfigure yum to follow that.
You still wouldn't have a "pure" FC6 install, but it might be close
enough for your purposes.

Hope this helps,


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