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Re: Checking internet connection without a winbox

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> What is a typical IP for a modem? Maybe if I just knew it's IP, then I
> could get into the control panel and figure out what to do.

Depends. Some of them like to act in "bridge" mode, in which case they
can be virtually invisible (once they're working).

Otherwise, they're very likely to have a DHCP server installed. If you
configure a computer to pick up a DHCP address (and there are no other
DHCP servers on the network), and the computer does pick up a DHCP
address, *and* if the IP address is in the 192.168.x.y range, the
10.x.y.z range or possibly the to range, then
this is almost certainly what's happening. (If it gets another address,
then it might be getting that from the ISP).

In this case, you'd just look for the "gateway" address (e.g. in
/sbin/route), and that would be the IP address.

Or you could always Google on the brand of the modem (but you knew


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