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Re: Checking internet connection without a winbox

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Of course, I'm trying this while connected to the 'net via the router.
> Should I disconnect from the net, eliminate the router, and try these
> addresses again?

I'm a bit confused here -- you've got a PC plugged into a router plugged
into a cable modem plugged into your cable? What's the router <-> modem
connection -- Ethernet? And it works if you go through the router, but
you want to configure the modem and need an IP address? Yes, I'd try
just connecting straight to the modem. I'd power-cycle the modem, too --
some modems need that if they see a different device on the other end of
their link.

Two other questions -- does the modem have a USB port? It might be worth
using lsusb and Googling what that reports. It's not uncommon for OEMs
to make a device, and then resellers put their own branding on the
outside. You might get more support if you can work out that it's
identical to something else.

Likewise, does arp -a report an Ethernet (MAC) address, something like
00:01:02:AE:56:F0 ? If it does, then you can look that up at
http://standards.ieee.org/regauth/oui/index.shtml and find out who made
the device (or the Ethernet bit of it). (This won't work if you've got a
router between you and the modem).

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