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Re: Wireless

linuxmaillists charter net wrote:
On Tuesday 19 September 2006 07:12, Bob Goodwin wrote:
I have a Linksys WMP54G which ran with no special
effort upon installation of FC5 a few days ago.

Please let us know if it continues to play nice after upgrading the kernel. Because those are a lot less expensive than the WET54G.

I have not upgraded anything since yesterday but it
has run without a hitch no matter what, much to my surprise!

The "Wireless Ethernet Bridge" seemed like a safer bet
since it requires no driver, it simply produces an ethernet
connection out of the box.  Unfortunately they want more money
for it, but then I connect several computers with it.

I have two running with the WMP54G's, a Windows 2000 for the
grandsons and the FC5 box I'm working on that I hope will wean
my son-in-law off Windows.

Bob Goodwin

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