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Re: how to use external USB DVD writer in FC5

H.S. wrote:
H.S. wrote:


I have an external DVD writer (Samsung SE-S164) connected via USB to my machine running FC5 ( 2.6.17-1.2187_FC5).

The system messages tell me that the writer is being detected:
However, I am not able to see this writer in Gnome. If I put a blank DVD in the writer, I do not get a window pop up asking if I want to burn a DVD and neither do I get an icon ("Blank DVD") on my desktop. I do get an icon if I put a blank CDROM in my internal CD writer. Any idea how to get the external writer working in a similar fashion?

I have hal (, udev (084), dbus (0.61), and I belong to a single group (of my username red).


So, nobody is using an external USB writer on FC5?


I have a Lite-On external USB-DVD burner. No extra effort was required by me, in order to get the DVD burner to work. I just plugged in the device to a USB port.

You may need to add an entry to /etc/fstab which will allow users to mount the device using a directory that you assign. Also, there might be similar problems that were resolved in bugzilla reports. Your model DVD writer may need an entry added for it to be recognized and working as it should with no extra steps, afterwards.

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