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Can't Shutdown (ACPI Poweroff problem)

Currently running kernel-smp-2.6.17-1.2187_FC5.

If I boot to runlevel 3, I can shut down and power off no problem, but
if I boot to level 5 (any of Gnome, KDE or FluxBox), the shutdown
proceeds (without error) as far as "called ACPI power off" ... but
doesn't actually power off.

I've checked logs over and over, and there is nothing there to indicate
why this is happening. I even removed Gnome-Power-Manager, unplugged my
UPS (which *is* correctly recognised and set up), and tried manually
rmmod'ing and killing tasks at level 1 to facilitate a clean power off,
but without success.

This all used to work, but there have been many changes between now and
then, including kernel upgrades and the setup of various services such
as NFS (client).

How can I diagnose this further, and see what is actually preventing the
ACPI call from doing its job?

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