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Re: fc4->fc5 upgrade

bruce wrote:
hi HS...

i tried the following... and got the resulting errors when i try to do a
fc4->fc5 upgrade with yum...

yum upgrade yum

rpm -Uvh

yum -y upgrade

any idea what to do to resolve these issues...

There might be multiple entries in the rpm database for some programs causing the conflicts with yum. You could locate the libraries causing the problems, then query the packages with rpm and resolve any issues you find for either the complaining package failures or the packages which provide the needed libraries.

You might also not have a core repo available that is needed for resolving the dependency problem. Check your repo files and make sure that they were not renamed with rpmnew extensions for repositories you might have edited at some point. I had this effect happen since I edited the repo files in the past.

Those are two of my ideas for possible problems. I've upgraded from FC4 to FC5 successfully but had to upgrade programs which depended upon hotplug in the past before I made much progress with the yum upgrade. I see no mention of programs which relied on hotplug, so your problem might be a bit different than problems I experienced upgrading via yum.

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