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Re: fc4->fc5 upgrade

Ric Moore wrote:
On Tue, 2006-09-19 at 15:08 -0400, H.S. wrote:

bruce wrote:


looking to jump from fc4->fc5 i've seen different guides from google.. can
someone point me to what they consider to be the 'best guides' for doing a
yum upgrade from fc4->fc5


I did the upgrade via yum and posted my experience on this mailing list. You may want to search the archives. My starting point was:


Most of the stuff went pretty well. Just make sure you have enough space in /var/ to download the new packages.

Mine blew up. It's still sitting in the corner. It'll boot, after
stalling for 3-5 minutes complaining about udev like a fussy schoolmarm
with stern warnings. Got a new machine, installed it fresh from the CD
and everything (mostly) is peachy. Take your pick. <grins> Ric

Well, I read the wiki I mentioned earlier, was using a kernel as described there, made sure had plenty of space in /var/cache, did "rpm --rebuilddb" once, uninstalled the few problem packages, and then did upgrade via yum and reinstalled the packages I had had to uninstall. Everything worked out fine and dandy.

I guess depending on user to user, there might be some packages which may always cause problems. A work around is to uninstall them and retinstall only those packages later.

I did this on a triple boot machine with Win XP, Debian Etch (my main work horse) and FC5. No data loss at all. However, I keep backups of my /home partitions on a second hard disk ... keeping backups is always a good practice whatever the OS may be.


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