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Re: yum seems to have crashed my X11 session

On 2006/09/18, at 21:14, James Wilkinson wrote:

Joel Rees wrote:
I've been running yum logged in graphically and using copy/paste to save the results. I know, the prefered way is to tee yum in a console window, but I'm

So I left it running just now, and when I came back and tried to bring
it back from the screen saver, the screen just remained blank.


Checked yum and xorg logs but don't see anything that looks like a
complaint in there. yum.log does show that the screen saver got
updated about 10 packages before the end and screensaver's extras got
updated about three from the end of the log.

You know, this just might be related.

I kind of thought so, that's why I mentioned it.

Your computer started running one
version of a screensaver, the stuff on disk got updated, the screensaver
wanted something from disk, and found that it wasn't where it was
expected. And the screensaver crashed.

Somehow I expected that replaced libraries would not be unlinked while the screen saver was active or sleeping (files remaining until last link released by close). I guess some of the libraries might get unloaded.

I had something similar last week when updating Firefox: I had a window
open at the time, and tried logging into my ADSL router. It Just
Wouldn't Work until I restarted Firefox.

I'm not sure what can be done about this, especially for the
screensaver. You can't have the RPM update killing the current
screensaver, since that's a security problem (if there's a password on
the screensaver)[1].

Is it worth filing a bug report on?

Out of interest, what results do you want to save? Does /var/log/ yum.log
not contain enough?

Mostly just want a record of what was updated and how it went.

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