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It helps to follow a conversation if you don't top post, and even more
importantly not mixing a top post with another replying format.  Stick
to plain text, don't quote everything, and quote in a coherent fashion.

Randy Easley:
>> I cannot print from a winXp machine to a Fedora server? Smb.conf has 
>> public = yes and guest ok = yes. On the same workgroup with no domain. 
>> I can clearly see the file shares which are also public.
>> Log files show WERR_ACCESS_DENIED over and over. 

I can't see who wrote:
>> make sure that the 'user' printing (there is a user even if it is a
>> 'guest' - it would be whichever user guest is being mapped to) has
>> write privileges to the 'spool' directory that you created in
>> smb.conf

Randy Easley:
> I do not understand? (Ignorance) 
> If you have public and guest set to yes why couldn’t ANY windows PC
> print to a linux printer?

Simplistic explanation:  The Samba configuration governs how the SMB
networking works.  *If* printing *also* requires the ability to write
data to the local hard drive, the right permissions need setting there,
as well.  SELinux might also play a role, if you have it enabled.  You
might want to look through your SELinux settings related to Samba, CUPS
and printing.

My Samba configuration, to which I've not tried printing with for a long
time, has /var/spool/samba in the [printers] section.  An educated guess
says that printing probably writes to that space, spooling data through
it along its way to the printer.  Looking at the file system permissions
for that directory, I see it allows all users to read/write/execute that
directory, and the sticky bit is set to retain ownership.

Show us what you get for this command:  ls -ld /var/spool/samba/

I get this:  drwxrwxrwt  2 root root 4096 2006-07-25 05:41 /var/spool/samba/

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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