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Re: Setting hostname error, at startup

Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:
I get this every time I boot, in the initrd console:

Setting hostname thereisnospoon:  [  OK  ]
ERROR: No arguments allowed with -i

I checked /etc/rc.sysinit and the only relevant thing it contains is this:

# Set the hostname.
update_boot_stage RChostname
action $"Setting hostname ${HOSTNAME}: " hostname ${HOSTNAME}
this message is generated near line 270 (search dmraid)
maybe put in a "read" and reboot or -iirc- init 1 and init 3.
(currently not sure if rc.sysinit is handled with init 1)


So, how do I fix it?

already bz:

i have seen this problem for month and solved it shortly.
i had played with hd mirroring month ago.
since then, one of my hd's held at signature which marked it as raid
(mirror) member.
(fc5 never cared about, fc6 *do* !)

this was the entry in rc.sysinit:
dmraid -ay --ignorelocking pdc_dhhjahccbf

the last part is/was the signature.
dmraid -r will show this.

see. man dmraid

with this signature i wasn't able to work with the drive under fc6t3.
no swap access to that drive,...
see [2]

maybe it's the same for you or the bugzilla-*solution*...

if it is the dmraid signature problem: install a other kernel, cause
it's handled by that.
you can see the differences with

zcat initrd-<your-kernel-version> | cpio -di

and an compare of the init's of 2 diff. kernels.
look at dm-....

(seen under *fc6t3*++)


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