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Re: OpenDocument format completly broken!

On Wednesday 20 September 2006 07:01, Trond Danielsen wrote:
>On 9/20/06, Trond Danielsen <trond danielsen gmail com> wrote:
>> I was living under the impression that the OpenDocument format was the
>> savation from incompatible formats, but I was obviously wrong. I have
>> created a odt document in abiword on FC5, and ooffice on both windows
>> and fc5 refuses to open it. Am I the only one in misery, or is this a
>> known problem?
>Ok, the problem has not been solved, but at least I found the reason
>why: Abiword _can not_ save documents in odt format, yet the save menu
>claims so and no error message is given...

Oh thats cute.  Obviously meat for a bugzilla entry..  Odt does not need 
this sort of help to impede its acceptance.

>Trond Danielsen

Cheers, Gene
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