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Re: Rsync help needed

On Wednesday 20 September 2006 15:20, Bob Chiodini wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-09-20 at 15:11 +0100, Anne Wilson wrote:
> > User david needs to copy files from ~/Documents/Recipes to a public
> > directory under the home directory of another user on machine 'borg'. 
> > Some new subdirectories have been created by david.
> >
> > The command used is
> > rsync -e "/usr/bin/ssh" -auvz /home/david/Documents/Recipes/
> > david borg:/home/anne/Public/Recipes
> >
> > Error messages are of the types:
> > rsync: failed to set times on "/home/anne/Public/Recipes/.": Operation
> > not permitted (1)
> > rsync: mkstemp "/home/anne/Public/Recipes/.blankrecipe.doc.bo5Bs2"
> > failed: Permission denied (13)
> >
> > The first one refers to a directory.  If I look at the directory on borg
> > it is set to allow all of group 'users' to add, change and delete.  If I
> > look at it through samba on the box connecting by ssh, 'users' can only
> > read.
> >
> > I don't understand what the 'mkstemp' messages are about.  Is this
> > writing a temporary file during the transfer?  If so, I presume that
> > curing the first one will also cure this one.
> >
> > All help gratefully received
> >
> > Anne
> Anne,
> Does /home/anne/Public/Recipes have rwx for the group 

Yes, it does (the group is 'users')

> and is david, on 
> borg, in the same group as Anne?
Yes, both are members of 'users' and the directories and files under them are 
all owned by group 'users'

> mkstemp does create a temporary file.  Probably to avoid damaging the
> original should the rsync fail partway through (just a guess).
I think so, too, which would suggest that there is a permissions problem on 
wherever it's trying to write the temporary file.  My attempts to sort out 
the permissions must have done the trick, as running the command again wrote 
that file without a complaint.

I'm still getting 

> > rsync: failed to set times on "/home/anne/Public/Recipes/.": Operation
> > not permitted (1)

for every directory, although the contents of the directories appear to be 
writing correctly.

I want to run this as a cron job, but not until I'm sure it does things 
exactly right.


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