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Re: Setting hostname error, at startup

Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:
> I get this every time I boot, in the initrd console:
> Setting hostname thereisnospoon:  [  OK  ]
> ERROR: No arguments allowed with -i
> I checked /etc/rc.sysinit and the only relevant thing it contains is this:
> ###
> # Set the hostname.
> update_boot_stage RChostname
> action $"Setting hostname ${HOSTNAME}: " hostname ${HOSTNAME}
> ###
> Nothing wrong with that AFAICT, so where exactly is this mysterious "-i"
> flag coming from?
> This problem has been around since FC5 was released, AFAIK.
> So, how do I fix it?

I don't think that the error message comes from the "Setting hostname"
line: if you got an error in the hostname command, I wouldn't expect to
see the OK.

I suspect that there's a command *after* that which is failing.

Sprinkle test "echo" commands through rc.sysinit (keep a pristine copy
elsewhere) and see exactly where you're getting the error message. You
may have to do something similar with scripts that rc.sysinit calls.

Hope this helps,


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