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Because all of samba activities are mapped to a specific user - even

those of 'public' or 'guest' are mapped to a posix (Linux in this

instance) account.

You can verify this by doing...

testparm -sv |grep guest

It should point out that even if it isn't configured in smb.conf, by

default 'guest' is mapped to a 'nobody' account which by default isn't

likely to have write access to your print spool directory for samba

which is why access is going to be denied.

I suppose you can either continue to not understand or try the

suggestion that I offered or even better yet, read through the

documentation in the link I provided - the official Samba How To - which

allows you to understand all of this for yourself.


Thanks for the reply Craig, I have guest = daisy so all logins will be used as guest.

Processing section homes

Processing section printers

Processing section export

Loaded services file ok

WARNING: passdb expand explicit =yes is depreciated


        Map to guest = Never

        Guest account = daisy

        Guest >

        Guest ok = yes

I was under the impression that a public user could print to a printer if specified by smb.conf ? Is that not accurate?

Smb.conf file [printers]

Comment = All Printers

Path = /var/spool/samba

Browesable = no

Guest ok = yes

Public = yes

Writeable = no

Printable = yes

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