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Re: ripping FAQ

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Thufir wrote:
> Running FC5, just ran "yum clean all" and "yum update", grip, sound
> juicer and lame are installed.  However, I'm having trouble ripping
> a CD.
> The CD automounts, apparently, fine.  Well enough that soundjuicer,
> when run, prompts as to which tracks to extract and where.  However,
> grip, when asked to either rip or encode, reports that "no tracks
> have been selected.  Rip whole CD?", clicking "yes" merely brings up
> the same dialog.

Despite the somewhat confusing interface, an audio CD isn't mounted.

Is grip able to see the tracks on the CD properly?  What's the CDRom
device set to (grip > config > CD)?

> Again, the CD is visible, and I could, if I so chose, copy the .iso
> to the hard disc.

That'd be a good trick.  There's no iso to be had from an audio cd. :)

> For lame, under config, encoder, encode, lame, the settings are:
> encoder executable        /usr/bin/lame
> encoder command line      -h -b %b %w %m
> encoder file extension    mp3
> encoder file format       ~/mp3/%A/%d/%n.mp3

That looks fine.

> for sound juicer:
> profile name              mp3
> profile description       <mp3>
> gstream pipeliner         audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lame name=enc ! id3mux
> file extension            mp3

That looks alright as well.  It should create a 128bit mp3.

> When I extract an mp3 with soundjuicer I get an mp3, after a few
> minutes of pegged CPU utilization, which XMMS loads but doesn't
> play.  XMMS plays other mp3 files fine (which I've put on my mp3
> player, too).

If you look at the file info in XMMS, does it seem to recognize the
mp3 properly?  The MPEG Info secrion should say MPEG 1, layer 3.  The
bitrate will be 128 kb/s and the samplerate 44100 Hz.

Have you tried to play the sound juicer created mp3's with any other

> I'm more oriented towards sound juicer, as it's at least creating
> files, but I imagine that if grip were to read the CD that grip
> would work fine, too.

Grip is highly configurable.  Sound Juicer is fine if you don't like
to change things much.  And it seems to never get the genre filled in

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