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Re: Kernel 2.6.18 + HAL

Frank Elsner wrote:
I'm still running FC3 and today I wanted to replace my self-configured kernel 2.6.17 with the brandnew 2.6.18.

Kernel 2.8.18 works like a charme with one exeption:

With kernel 2.6.18 hald (hal-0.4.7-1.FC3) refuses to run.
Starts but exits immediatly to unknown reasons with no info in /var/log/messages.

Anybody with the same problem out there? Any Pointer to solve or at least analyze the problem welcome.

--Frank Elsner

Broken here also.

I seem to recall reading on the kernel developers list that 2.6.18 needs a fairly new hald; I think they changed the format of the /sys directories and the old hald can't handle it. Perhaps Dave Jones can hit us with a clue stick. I don't run hald myself (and I don't miss it).

You can try running "strace /usr/sbin/hald --daemon=no" and see if you can determine where it's failing. Mine fails with a segmentation fault after doing a readlink.

See freedesktop.org for the latest hald sources if you want to roll your own update.



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