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Re: FC5: no sound from SoundBlaster Audigy SE sound card

On Wednesday 20 September 2006 16:50, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
>Hello all,
>OK. I just installed a new SB Audigy SE sound card with 7.1 Dolby on my

Its a ca-106 based card, and considered to be the same junk as the average 
winmoden.  Take it back and get a real audigy 2 or 4, without the SE 
label.  The model SB-400 version of the Audigy 2 uses the std emu10k1 
driver and works great, including playing midi stuff.  I have one, but I 
think they are out of the box houses pipelines now.  Darnit.

>I have used the Soundblaster Live! 5.1 card with no problems on FC5. 
>But with this newer card, FC5 detects it fine upon reboot...but I get no
>sound from it after plugging it in with a radio as an input, or even
>testing the audi (strangely, it tells me I have 4 options of the same
>thing when I use system-config-soundcard). I am trying to capture
>and stream a weather radio station, and I'm doing it successfully with
>an SB Live card, but not with this one. Is there a quirk I don't know
> about?
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Cheers, Gene
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